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Dicken Wear-Editor-in-Chief; Pete Lyons-Contributing Journalist;
Edmund Jenks-Contributing Journalist; James Groth-Public Relations, Jaguar Expert;
Gary Reed-Contributing Journalist
; Jay Jones-Contributing Journalist;
Anne Proffit-Contributing Journalist


For the past 57 years, “The Motorsports Report” has been the Official Newsletter of the American Sports Racing Association and was for members only. The Official Newsletter has had a variety of names over the years. The newsletter began as “Fast Times”. The name changed to “Race Notes”, “Quick Laps”, “Sports Car News”, and back when most Sports Cars came from the British Motor Corporation, “British Motorsports Clues”.
After helping start the Sports Car Club of America, John Inskip of Inskip Motors in New York, wanted to have more control over the promotion of Sports Car Racing and the cross promotion of his British Car Distributorship and Dealerships. He was interested in improving how the two could work together as had occurred in the early days of the SCCA. So Mr. Inskip and a few of his clients, staff, and friends started the American Sports Racing Association. From this very humble beginning came a Regional and then National Sports Car Racing Program aimed at the Hobby or Gentleman racer; the “Run What You Brung” sort of fun racing the SCCA had begun in its early days.
For the last 30 years “The Motorsports Report” (as it was now called) was the means of informing Club members of Race Results, Rule Changes and updates, Event Schedules, Points Totals, and World of Motorsports in general. “The Motorsports Report” is entering a new era in the publication’s history. Coverage will expand to include news of Aftermarket, Performance, Racing, Custom, Concept and Prototype Automotive Vehicle News. As such “The Motorsports Report” will no longer just be a Club Newsletter, but we will also be read (we hope) by interested parties involved with the Automotive Industry and all its various cousins. It will still be the Official Newsletter of the “American Sports Racing Association” (ASRA) and the “German Touring Car American Race Series” (GTCARS) and free to its members. With the additions to the format we hope new subscribers will come on-board and read our little Newsletter.
“The Motorsports Report” is still owned and operated by members of the founding family. As a word of caution to all potential sponsors and subscribers, ““The Motorsports Report”” has never pulled any punches. “The Motorsports Report” is not a publication that accepts advertising or has a board of directors to answer to. Therefore, we print what we hear, see, or read. We do not and never have edited our content to be politically correct or to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings or ego. The members of the staff of writers, reporters, and photographers (most of whom are “Freelance”) subscribe to rules of “Good Conduct and Fair Play”. While we won’t go out of our way to print “Spy Photos” and Nasty Gossip about auto manufacturers, race teams, drivers, and race tracks, we won’t turn them down just because it might upset some person or fan group. Stay tuned.
Dicken Wear


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